fast & easy UK address lookup API

Authorised Royal Mail PAF® Solutions Provider

Fast and reliable UK postcode search api

search over 30 million UK addresses

  • Find and fill any UK address from the postcode
  • Make form filling quick and easy for your end user
  • Streamline your checkout process - eliminate typos
  • Easy to integrate into most shopping carts, forms and other applications
  • Updated in real time with the Royal Mail database
easy integration and great support

Use postcodex in your applications

postcodex is easy to integrate into any website or application, we provide full documentation and pre-made client and server side code for you to use. We're currently developing plugins and add-ons for various CMS platforms, e-commerce systems and form builder plugins. If you're looking for a specific integration, drop us a quick note and we'll notify you as soon as it's available. Meanwhile we can help you integrate with your existing forms, easily.

Integrate, build and develop

Easy to use with robust documentation and support. postcodex has a powerful client-side Javascript library to make integration with any website or application a breeze. If you require server-side integration, we have a RESTful API documented in Postman and exposing OpenApi specification.

Simple API keys are used for authentication and results can be returned in either XML or JSON formats.


comprehensive control panel

track your usage and top up easily

  • Manage your subscription
  • Track your usage
  • Control security
  • Top up manually
  • Set auto-topups
  • Set usage level alerts
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