how much does it cost?

We offer monthly or annual plans, please choose one that suits your projected usage levels.  A plan lasts until the end of its term, if you use all your lookups before this time, we will alert you and you can choose to renew early. You can change plans or cancel at any time.

If you have an active plan,  at the end of its term, the same plan would be renewed. You can visit your account dashboard to update this at any time.

Unused lookups don't roll over, but you can set up auto-renewal and usage alerts to maximise the use of your lookups.


250 credits

£14 + VAT

5.6p per postcode lookup

1000 credits

£39 + VAT

3.90p per postcode lookup

2000 credits

£70 + VAT

3.50p per postcode lookup

5000 credits

£150 + VAT

3.00p per postcode lookup

15000 credits

£399 + VAT

2.66p per postcode lookup

more than 15000?

request a quote

enterprise pricing

      • premium support
      • priority service
      • bespoke integrations
      • service level agreements


  • Registration on our platform is free, you are only billed when you have an active plan.
  • You get 250 free trial lookups to test our service before taking a paid plan.
  • Your plan will renew automatically at the end of its term (monthly or annually).
  • Unused lookups do not roll over.
  • Enable auto-topup to avoid running out of lookups
  • With auto-topup enabled, if you use your all credits before renewal, we'll renew the same plan immediately and your term then restarts from that date.
  • Reminder emails are available to show when your lookups fall below your chosen threshold
  • Make recurring payments by credit card or direct debit
  • Change or cancel plans at any time