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The easiest way to show you our platform is...well, to show you our platform! Just enter a postcode in the form opposite to give it a try!

Integration is fast, you can use our simple tutorials, our API or our free plugins:


fast and easy uk address lookup

  • Find and fill any UK address from the postcode
  • Make form filling quick and easy for your end user
  • Streamline your checkout process - eliminate typos
  • Updated in real time with the Royal Mail database

use postcodex in your applications

  • Easy to integrate into most shopping carts, forms and other applications
  • Full documentation, support and knowledgebase
  • Plugins and addons coming soon

intuitive, comprehensive control panel

  • Manage your subscription
  • Track your usage
  • Control security
  • Top up manually
  • Set auto-topups
  • Set usage level alerts