Quick Integration (Server / API)

Our Restful API is created using the OpenAPI specification so any changes or new endpoints are instantly published for your use. If you would like to integrate from your own application you can find our latest docs here:

Testing the address lookup is very easy from here, simple add your API token (which you can see in your client dashboard once you have registered your account) to the authorize section:

Once entered, you will see the AUTHORIZED button and green padlock. Then you can simply click ‘Try It Out’ on the postcode endpoint, enter a valid postcode and it will return the matching addresses. You can click the download button if you would like to download the response for local dev purposes.

A handy curl command will also be constructed for you convenience, you can use that to run lookups from your local environment very easily.

As our API specification is developed using the OpenAPI standard, you can import it it any tool of your choice (such as Postman), simple download our definition here and import it into your tool of choice :

The OpenAPI Specification, formerly known as the Swagger Specification, is the world’s standard for defining RESTful interfaces. The OAS enables developers to design a technology-agnostic API interface that forms the basis of their API development and consumption. –